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Missouri River Fly Patterns

"Guide Flies"


-Terrestrials- and- Stoneflies-and -Scuds

Image: Pinkie, great early spring fly

Image: Skwala Nymph #8 & 10

Image: Skwala # 10

Image: Sm pinkie

Image: Dark czech Scud # 16

Image: Skwala # 10 bullethead

Image: Blue Damsel

Image: Purple Haze # 16

Image: Rock worm # 8 & 10

Image: Red legged Hi-Viz Hopper

Image: Half a Chicken rubber legs

Image: Yellow Sally # 14

Image: Stimulator

Image: Para Black Ant

Image: Rainy's Pink Hopper

Image: Black Ant

Image: Red Ant

Image: Yellow Morish Hopper


Image: "Half a Chicken" Caddis

Image: Soft Hackle BH Caddis

Image: Cripple Caddis Emerger

Image: Green Caddis Pupa

Image: Tan Caddis Pupa

Image: Para Caddis

Image: Caddis emergers

Image: Royal Elk Hair Caddis


Image: Cripple Hatching Midge Black

Image: Blood Midge

Image: Griffiths Nat

Image: Zebra Midge

Image: green midge cripple


Image: PMD em Para

Image: Para Adams Pink Top # 12-22

Image: Para Blue Winged Olive

Image: Cripple Mayfly

Image: Cripple Pale Morning Dun

Image: PT Flashback

Image: Rusty PMD Spinner

Image: Pearl Lighting Bug BH

Image: Double Wing Trico Spinner

Image: Trico Spinner

Image: CDC PMD Emerger

Image: Hi -Viz Blue Winged Olive Para

Image: Brown Drake cripple

Image: Baetis EM


Image: Daly Bug


Image: Fall Special Bugger Rubber Legged

Image: Black Bunny Leach

Image: Clouser Minnow

Image: red bellied girdle bug

Image: Black Bugger Leach

Image: Deadly Crawfish

Image: yukbug

With these flies, and a good cast, and a good drift, (plus ,some of your favorite patterns) one can catch many fish on the Blue Ribbon Missouri River!

Use Flies that work, keep it simple....


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